On top of the world – Music with advice

On Top of the world

Imagine dragons make great music. Their songs are almost all the time biggest hits. I’m listening to On Top of the world right now as I’m typing this.

The song has such great meaning and it makes you feel empowered. This is the beauty of music. You feel things that probably couldn’t make you feel if you had a face to face conversation. Lyrics awake within you a flame. It could be any random emotion.


Some lines in this song stand out. Like these:


It is a long way up.

 Orange Backpack

Sure it is. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even when a ship sails on rough waters it takes time to steady itself.

Success takes time. Their die hard work , passion and drive involved. Unless you have money and the a very corrupt person is willing to take you to the top. Then you can forget getting bothered by struggle. But the joy you feel on reaching your goal on your own , cannot be described.


For example, when I get 35 out of 50 in a class test , I’m happy and sad. Sad because a classmate who used his phone and thwarted during the exam got 45. The teacher doesn’t know he cheated. When an interviewer compares his marks-sheet to mine, he won’t know either. On the other hand I was happy because I earned that 35.


If you love somebody, better tell them while they’re here

 Five Women Laughing

You don’t know what may happen tomorrow. You don’t know what might happen when you take your next breath. Hate on people who served it. I support that.

You can’t be Gandhi-like to everyone. You got to be tough to crack.


But if you like someone’s shirt -say it. If you like a song – tweet it

If you enjoy a movie- recommend it If you loved a book – review it

If you relished a dish – compliment the chef


Don’t hold back on positivity and compliments. You aren’t flattering the other person. You are appreciating the effort they take and make to get through a day.

Even though people might not voice it, getting through a day is no breeze. Everybody struggles somewhere.


I take it in but don’t look down

 Success, Ocean, Beach, Shore, Coast, Freedom

Appreciate ,compliment, accept constructive criticism, make friends , break hearts, get yours broken , but don’t let anything bring you down or force you to fall and never get up.

When you feel a punch, wake up stronger. Hey your stiches in and prepare yourself to block the next hit whether it comes or not.






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