Paint me red


Paint me red


Look up
Flowing with the brazen gust
Tainted with longing
of unadulterated minds;
Minds, which paint it red with
unfurled reveries
About a world with-
A billion colors encased in black
Eyes that see but are blind
Green lush of trees without any roots
Tangerines that smell like oranges
Freedom bound by stringent words
and a lively myriad of wooden herds.


Burdened with the weight
It struggles to keep up with the gust
Only to be caught in a
wooden entrapment.

Keep looking up thus
For as time flows
you’ll feel the red drip
tainting us below with the
Unadulterated abyss
That only exists as red now;
Curling your eyeballs within,
Growing tangerines that smell like tangerines,
Painting your skin with freedom,
And transgressing into a myriad of reason.


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