We all love to try out different hairstyles and hair colors and in this process, we tend to use a lot of heat tools, chemicals, and stuff. Moreover, a lot of stress in life and the pollution that we have in our cities can also lead to dry, dull and damaged hair. Our mothers and grandmothers always insist us to oil our hair regularly. But honestly, with our busy lives, we really don’t have much time for that whole oiling process. If we oil for one day we need to cancel all our plans for the day just because we can’t go out of the house with that oily hair.


So I recently got this Pantene oil Replacement cream because I really got convinced with the idea behind this product and how it can help in making our lives easy. You don’t need to worry about oiling your hair and feel bad about canceling your plans anymore. The Pantene oil replacement cream offers all the goodness and advantages that oiling your hair would give but still doesn’t consume a lot of time that oiling would take.

This new Pantene pro v oil replacement cream promises to give your hair the multiple benefits of natural oil with the inconvenience. It also promises to nourish your hair, reduce hair fall and helps repair the damage. It also says that the formula for it is a combination of the power of oils with Pantene pro v science to treat the hair.


Now let’s talk about the pricing and the quantity that it comes in. It is available in 2 sizes. The smaller one offers 80 ml of the product for Rs.85 inclusive of all taxes and the bigger size offers 180 ml of product for Rs. 150.

Now coming to the packaging it comes in a golden glossy tube packaging with a flip and close opening. It is very easy to carry around while you are traveling. Since it is an oil replacement cream, the consistency of the product is creamy which is very smooth and thick. It glides very easily and smoothly on the hair. The cream is in white color and it is not at all oily. It gets absorbed it the hair in few seconds and doesn’t leave your hair oily. The fragrance of this product is amazing. I am a huge fan of this fragrance. It leaves your hair smelling so good.

There are multiple ways of using this cream. The best way to use this cream is to apply it post hair wash. Take a walnut size amount of the Pantene oil replacement on your hand and rub it between your hands to warm up the product. Then starting from the top, distribute it evenly through your hair along the length. You need not rinse it. Leave it to air dry or else you can style your hair as per your convenience. It is recommended to use this oil replacement cream before combing, blow drying, sun and salt exposure. If you are out for a long time during day and if you feel your hair is frizzy and not lively, then just take a pea size amount, rub it between your fingers and run your fingers through your mid length hair. 

Overall I really like this product. It works amazingly on my oily scalp and dry ends type of hair. It is a great alternative for a person who doesn’t like to use serums. It is super affordable and lasts you for a long time. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is that it contains alcohol and paraben which is definitely not so good for the hair. Also if you see the ingredients you will notice that there are a lot of chemicals. But they claim that the cream is a replacement for natural oils which is not true. So it is definitely not a replacement for natural oils. It is a great leave on the cream which helps in keeping your frizz free and manageable all day.

I will give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I will definitely repurchase and recommend this product to everyone.


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