Perception of God

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People say God is within us.

But who really is God?

There are various definitions that you might hear about God being a divine entity, a guide, being a preacher, a trouble-solver or someone known for His miracles.
These definitions vary upon the thoughts and the conditions of a person who has found a reason to believe in God.

Yes, we may agree upon the fact that there is something divine which has created this universe. There is something miraculous about how this universe functions.
Nobody has found any answers yet but people have just named this divine entity ‘God’.

Truely, there is no God within us as people symbolate God as. Different religions have different idolizations of God.
But in the turmoil of idolizing God, what people are forgetting is the inner soul that lies within each one of us. We have been created so meticulously that every soul within us is no lesser than God, is no lesser than someone who can do miracles, no lesser than someone who has less power to conquer victory and prove to be a reincarnation of another God as people always say of what they perceive of God.
The power of our self-being is so strong that it is possible to turn the world upside down and create miracles everyday.

People may raise a question to this point that why are we then not able to pursue the above said and yet why are there people who have been involved in unethical or vulnerable things if everyone was as great as a God?

That is because we, the people have never been able to analyze the true strength of our being. We are dumb-founded by the fact that God does everything and so no one leaves a chance to pray. Whereas, ‘A soul is trained, as it is treated’. Yes, our inner soul needs to be evaluated highly. It has immense power to transform all the negativity into positivity. Our thought processes need to be changed. The way we react to every emotion, what we say and what we do for others count a lot. It would not be wrong if we say ‘Make the full use of your given inner-self’.

Every soul was originally the same. Just as pure, just as powerful as people believe of the God. Gradually, as each soul developed into an individuals body, it was moulded, carved, trained and treated as according to the prevailing circumstances in which the body was caught into. This moulding and training of the soul lead us to what we slowly become. Why do we say the heart and soul of a child is the purest? We were all kids once, we all had the purest form. Then why is it today that everyone is different and now no one remains pure?

It is completely based on how that soul was treated and how well was it carved. In what conditions has that body survived and through what situations has that body passed. The presence of the body has a great impact over its soul. As it is believed soul never dies even after the body dies, it possesses someone else’s body and begins accomodating in that. It is basically, what you make of what you’ve got.

To keep your soul in all its virtues there is so much you have to prohibit yourself from. The worldly desires, greed, jealousy, pride are the results of a weak soul who may have been stabbed by these emotions long ago and that’s the reason these emotions are now conquering that soul. The body which is now murdering someone, never had a soul of a murderer. No individual is bad or vulnerable from inside. It is the situations they go through that transform them into what they become. No one wanted to rob someone. But just think about that individual who with no education was left away by his parents with no economic security would feel. Education widely helps to improvise a person’s thoughts. This poor fellow would’nt think twice before turning into a theif because of his helplessness. Yes, they can work hard and earn, but who will make them understand that robbing is wrong. Born and brought up on the streets and seeing their parents rob and beg, what else would a child learn. Basic motto behind the above illustration is that the condition in which the body pertains affects its soul largely. And thus result into varoius crimes or hazards.

There are so many people who were none less than God. They prove to be an inspiration and an example today just because they were able to understand the incognito willpower of their soul. The day we people start taking our inner strengths at its first, a drastic change is about to surround the world. It’s never too late to bring about a chang. Although people say one cannot change the behaviour or the basic nature of the other. One can first improvise on themselves and then by understanding the weaknesses of other try to turn those weaknesses into strengths and they would never have to change anyone’s behaviour. As even one weakness turning to strength amounts to a big difference in the perception of views of an individual.

Thus I believe, more than God or anything divine, there lies immense strength in our souls. So, instead of worshipping the idols in religious places, start developing and growing with your own very true self and nothing will lead you down the road. Understand and help yourself just as you would to your beloved friend and you will realize there is nothing beyond your power.

As YOU live within yourself !


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