The way you ended your life,

The step was taken by you

But now we all are paralyzed,

We talked just twice,

The convo was so nice

There was a loud silence in your eyes,

You were like a fox; very very clever,

Shared any of your problems? Never ever…,

Ok I know that we didn’t talk that much,

But maybe a single initiative of mine could have saved much,

That glance of your’s I never understood,

Now looking at your pic I can’t even stand,

My words are in pain,

Your thoughts were disappeared,

But today they come again,

Small combinations become beast,

As I go through your profile again ….,

The feeling of guilt questioned my existence,

After seeing your picture as I close my eyes again,

Such an innocent face you had,

Tell me why you tried that again and again?

Now please take a look and think in clouds,

What were the mistakes of your family that

you put them in a life long pain?

Holding your memories and thinking about them,

my words started to melt,

Sorry, I can’t write more than I felt…

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