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It is no secret that the ex Juventus superstar Paul Pogba is not happy under the reign of Jose Mourinho, who has treated him with utmost disrespect, keeping him out of regular first team action during most of the second half of the season. It was looking likely that Paul Pogba would face the axe this season, and would be sold, but with him being a key component to France winning the World cup, the tables have again turned in his favour. Jose Mourinho is now desperate to keep the World Cup winning star in his plans for the upcoming season, but it maybe to late to convince him to stay. There are rumours that now Paul Pogba looks to move back to Turin, where he had started his road to glory. He will be playing alongside other world-class players like Dybala and Higuain, and the most recent addition to the Juventus team being Cristiano Ronaldo, if the rumours turn out to be true. In this article I would also like to discuss one of the main reasons why we all haven’t seen the same Pogba we had seen in Juventus-


 Playing position by Mourinho– One of the main reasons why the United fans haven’t seen the full power of “Pogboom” is because of the position that Jose Mourinho is currently playing him in. In the Juventus team, Paul Pogba was playing more as a Central Attacking Midfielder, where he had the freedom to move around, and take shots on goal.  He wasn’t confined to a particular position. In Manchester United, Paul Pogba is playing the role of a Central Defensive midfielder, where he is confined to that position. He doesn’t have the freedom to move up the pitch, and take shots on goal, as if he does so, there will be a huge gap in midfield, and United will be caught on the counter attack. In midfield, Pogba is not seeming to have much of the ball, that is frustrating him. In Juventus, Pogba had Pirlo to make play, and hold the midfield, so he had the full freedom to move up the pitch, but in United, since he is the one holding the midfield, he cannot move forward and score goals, which are frustrating the United fans as that’s what they are used to seeing Pogba do. I would like to conclude my article by saying that if Mourinho manages to keep Pogba till the end of the transfer window, he should use him more wisely and effectively.



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