Pseudo Feminism

Women have been oppressed for a long time. They are undermined and ignored for far too long. Women, over the years, experienced misogyny and indiscrimination to an extent that many of them now have grown to accept it. And now take the gender superiority of men even if subconsciously. 

Feminism- genuine meaning

With changing times the mindset was changing too, gradually. This was how feminism began. A fight against the imbalance. A fight for equality in all aspects of the life of men and women. To be judged based on actions and not genitals. But, wistfully, today feminism has altered into this trend that many follow to manifest the front of them being progressive.

It is not the fact that feminism is gaining momentum that I have a grudge against. But the fact that this gain in momentum exists based more on people putting on a front. While trying to appease to a section of the society, about finding even the slightest things to get outraged over and not by people who feel and realize the depth of the issue of female inequality.

Where it went wrong?

Women empowerment has become a scapegoat of sorts. Where many a time woman themselves acknowledge that they are entitled to more than men or must be given a leeway just because of their gender. Isn’t this precisely what feminism was fighting against? Gender discrimination? How hating on men for their years of privilege the right way to go in equalizing both genders?

It has turned into a movement where women are entitled to more rights than men which is against the very idea of feminism raised on the grounds of the right to equality. What it has turned into today is people using it to hate on men. That so many under the guise of feminism or woman empowerment are satisfying their ulterior motives is a disturbing prospect.

What began as a genuine effort towards the upliftment of women has now turned into a weapon. It is used by people around the world for their own benefits. Not just by men but by women also. 

What needs to be done profoundly is that we need to go back to our roots in this issue and ponder deeply about our actions which don’t affect us only, not just half of the population, but the future generations.


Kamya Puri



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