Public Service Advertising



Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor with a view to disseminate information concerning an idea, product or service.

The advertisements that bring about positive behavioral change for the development of a country are known as public service advertisements or social advertisements.

It is a form of advertising, designed to educate or motivate people to undertake socially desirable actions.

Ads on issues like family planning, HIV/AIDS, female feticide, child education, cleanliness, sex determination, women empowerment, following traffic rules, etc.

Done by Government, NGOs, business organizations.

Far more than a means of moving merchandise, advertising has become increasingly recognized not only as an art form in itself but also as a defining element of popular culture.

Advertising in India has achieved a level of maturity in the last 2 decades which is incredible and also it is one of the fastest growing markets in the world due to the size of its population and increased prosperity. The 21st century has brought many dramatic changes in the field of advertising. Due to liberalization and globalization, advertising was never so focused as it is today. It is getting focused to draw in people at retail points and advertisers showcase their marketing messages.

Social messages in advertisements has been growing and it has a greater positive impact on people. It helps all the community’s people, rural or urban to attain a worth and useful messages for their better way of living. It also creates awareness to the younger generation who may spoil their lives without knowing the importance of it.

Advertising is a profound platform to spread awareness about social issues.

Public service advertisements leave an everlasting impact on general viewer.

Some examples of public service advertisements:

  • Polio Ad campaign – The ads where Amitabh Bacchan informs about the polio booths and its importance and asks people to take their children for vaccination. Swach Bharat Abhiyan ads
  • Tata Tea – Power of 49 – It makes women realize that their vote has an equal and important value and they should not miss the chance to vote during elections.
  • Tata Tea – Alarm Bajne se pehle jaago re
  • Nihar Shanti Amla- % share to education- Informing people that if they buy this hair oil not only will it benefit them nut they can also contribute to the education of children.
  • P&G Initiative- Padhega India Badhega India
  • CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) – Adopt babies legally




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