नया Ishq

तेरी यादों का येअब बस इतना ही सफ़र था। छुप गई थी तेरे साये में,इस रोशनी से मेरा कल बेखबर …
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A lesson of Rose 🌹

What a pretty flower you are! What a beautiful flower you are! You always live in thorns You never see …
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The biggest religion of any human is humanity

I am HINDU I follow hinduism I am KSHATRIYA I will marry a KshatriyaI am a UP VALII happily accept …
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It is well said that Nothing is permanent except a change..

Life is unpredictable There were times when we were always togetherAnd now we hardly ever gatherThere was a time,when without …
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The stormy existence

Scattering of the serenity of heartsTales of eyes cannot be expressed in words,Heart gets numb from the pain you gave.Intimation …
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