Pulwama : Revenge or Solution


Attack upon soldiers is a well thought out strategy rather emea revenge on the end of terrorists. This is a strategy to spoil the moral of the soldiers. Living and getting trained in a particular milieu, soldiers tend to be ever ready for a confront with the enemy. Whenever there is an attack, they feel a burning desire to avenge themselves upon the enemy. And denied repeatedly they tend to have disgruntlement with the establishment and hence the victory of terrorists. 

                    Surgical strike can’t mend the ways. A revenge may satiate the angry emotions of country man but it won’t be many steps ahead towards the solution. There has to be a multi pronged approach to deal with the menace. Pakistan must be made to realise that ‘India obsession’ is ruining their country. This need to be left now. International pressure must be built upon Pakistan not to let the terrorists do their operation from Pakistani soil. India should also realise that first aid and pain killers about actual diagnosis won’t do it. A disconnect between peoples of two countries will worsen the situation. There should be platforms and programmes arranged to establish civil connection and the point of social and economic progress should be brought home to them.

                            Along with these steps, military action should also be taken. There should be targeted attacks upon safe havens of terrorists. At the same time, our internal Intelligence and security infrastructure must be developed so that nobody can breach our defence mechanism but politicians must avoid using hate speeches against any country as it will nourish feelings of hatred in the hearts of people of both the countries that the terrorist aim for.


One thought on “Pulwama : Revenge or Solution

  1. Dheeraj Joshi says:

    Hey Sudhirnain!

    I appreciate your concern.
    But in my opinion, War is not the only solution.
    But does not deny it’s importance. But looking into the scenario I think we should think patiently for dealing with the situation. But what about the martyr, is it enough chanting there names all around or quoting messages of condolences on social media?
    Have a look at what actually a soldier seeks from his countrymen.



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