Take a pan full of water. Now put a frog to it and after keeping the stove on the pan, start increasing the temperature. You will see that the frog doesn’t jump out of the pan, rather it expands it body and balances its body temperature. Now you will see that as soon as the water reaches to its boiling point, the frog dies. At this moment, if I ask you what is the reason behind the frog’s death then most of you will answer that the frog died because of the boiling point but the answer is absolutely wrong. The frog died because it spent all its energy trying to adjust and survive with the increasing temperature and when it decided to jump then it had no energy left. Hence, it died.

Don’t you think, the students of the nation are the frogs in the context of our education system. We had always been taught about the theory of CHARLES DARWIN- ‘Survival of the fittest’ and are told that if you don’t run in this mad rat race then you will not only be stepped down but also be crushed by others. So the victims keep on running this race without giving a thought to the road that is leading them.

Flaws will be dealt soon but before this let us try to know what should actually be the aim of an education system.
• Prepare the students in a way so that they can emerge as a self-leader( physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally)
• The students should learn the art of not only building but also respecting relationships.
• It should prepare the students for the society.
• Prepare the students for entrance into the workforce.
• Prepare them for lifelong learning.

Our attitude towards the system

Reality is far away from the expectations though. We all are bluffed with the wrong target. Marks have become the certificate of our intelligence. 2 out of 5 students would be found posting sad comments after their board exams. Posts like, “Hopes down, the dream shattered” are not uncommon after board exams. Think about these kids, what will happen to them when they will step into real problems in the real world.

We were taught that India had 29 states and 7 union territories, but now if I ask why not 30 states and 8 union territory, all go dumb. Yes, this is the other flaw. We had always been taught to mug up. Days are still clear in my head when the teachers said: “learn this, board exam mein ye jaroor aayega”. This created a scenario where all the high school aspirants knew 2+2=4 but go clueless to 3+1=?

Curiosity was always crushed down in school days. It was given different names like ‘silly question’, ‘stupid question’, etc. And was thus hid under the carpet of mocks and laughter of the class.

What I feel is, access to education is improving but access to quality education is not.
Syllabus of schools and colleges must be revised because they are made to take things one step ahead but there are many places where the same old syllabus is being followed for ages. Not only this, hardly had anything changed right from the independence era in teaching techniques. Theoretical aspect is given more importance than that of practical knowledge. This further promotes to ‘rattafication’.

There is an incident which every single one of you can connect to:

‘A student went to a teacher and said “Mam, I covered all the points still I got only 5 out of 10”, to this the teacher replied, “you will have to write at least 3 pages to get more.”

Reservation is also what that furthermore disturbs me because its giving rise to many other problems. A candidate from general category scores 90% and is tensed about his future saying – “I don’t think I will get the subject of my choice”, on the other hand, a candidate from OBC category scores 70% and is having celebrations saying- “I am definitely going to get the subject of my choice”.

Condition at Primary schools: 

School is a temple of learning and teachers are considered as God and so imagine a situation, the temple is full of devotees offering “chhadhava”, thanking God for what he has given or asking him for something of their need. God is just about to shower his blessings when suddenly the halwayi outside the temple shouts “bhagwan, chhotu is on leave so come and help me out in preparing sweets ” and as soon as God hears this he leaves his seat runs and sits behind the halwayi and starts preparing ladoos.

Well this exactly is the condition of primary school teachers in Bihar as they have been asked to leave aside teaching and instead supervise the cooking of midday meals, well I don’t think this exactly is the description of their job in regard to which a division bench of Allahabad High Court said “The duty of teachers and principal of school is to teach students and not to supervise cooking of midday meal.” This is not it, teachers are made to do all sort of non teaching works like arranging for radios so that students could listen to ‘mann ki Baat’, they are asked to count the no. of trees and then are asked to do ‘jan gadna’ so that there should be a good idea who gets oxygen from those trees. After doing all such jobs a teacher finally thinks now I’ll teach something but then they are handed over polio vaccines after which comes election duty. After all this how do you expect a teacher to teach? There are other funny jobs too which a teacher is required to do, like recently in Haryana where teachers who are already overburdened with jobs of organising sanitary campaigns, ‘betibachao’ campaign, marathon races, etc. were asked to take training of being a priest and 91 teachers were appointed as priests to provide services at a fair. The spokesperson of ruling party says “they are not assigned as pujaris but are appointed to distribute prashad an act that is in practice since the previous Governments reign” whatever be it that’s not the work of a teacher and it should be made clear what the government wants from teachers education or prashad.

These were the problems for government to look after now let’s talk about the problem faced by school and teachers at ground level, we know that most of the primary schools lie within villages and teachers are someone from outside the village and students mostly are from that village itself. The teachers who have already been debarred from failing students or using stick on them when trying to punish students in other manner face a resistance from villagers which sometimes even turns violent and the closest authority to whom they could complain the Gram Pradhan is also a man from that village, also the schools have constantly been used by villagers as a perfect free stop for the baarats and a spot to organise functions if this is the scenario the only god knows what kind of education India is looking for and how it will get that.

Don’t just play the blame game!
One needs to look at oneself too. If students themselves are reluctant and have no issues with the syllabus or theoretical way of teaching and just worried of getting the marks then teachers can also not be blamed because everybody wants to escape from work. They are getting their salary and are well satisfied by just completing their course but unless anybody Questions them, they are not at fault.

No doubt, we have become the frog on the stove. We are compromising and adjusting in return for a better future but are unaware of the consequences. We need to look within our self, need to follow roads of one’s own choice and should kick off opinions like Science and Commerce are key to better future and Arts and Humanities are for them who can do nothing in life. We need to focus more on understanding instead of mugging things up.



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