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Let me ask you few questions? Acceptance, is it really important to you? Or is it just an expression that human being has to evolve during their entire life, being the social animal with emotion that they are?  Why you always need others love or approval to show what you are? .Is it so difficult to love yourself?

Let’s start from the beginning. As a child, we are in the eyes of our family, relatives, and neighbors. They see everything in a child, right from his birth. Whether he dresses well, his cuteness, complexion, way of talking and yeah, the grades. I mean seriously? One should stop feeding such thing in a child’s brain. It’s said that children are like clay as they are molded by those who surround them.


There cannot be a single reason to love yourself. One need to just wake up, look in the mirror and just see how perfect they are. Just because you don’t have that perfect jawline, physic, complexion or face does not make you any less than others. Just love what you are wearing even if people make fun of you. It’s all about confidence that you carry.

It’s good to interact with other humans because we are social animals and we cannot live in isolation. But, is it important to let people affect what your true identity is?  Meet them, greet them but do not lose your identity for them. Because you are one of your own kind.

It’s okay to fall in love but it does not mean that you’ll stop loving yourself. Because while people come in your life, you will be the one to remain constant in the scenario. To love others, it is equally important to first love yourself.


Today we keep on complaining about everything that we have because according to our mindset it’s less than what other ’s have. We find other’s life more happening than ours. Comparison, is THAT important to you? Why we cannot see what we really are and be satisfied with what we really have. This is the cause of misery and exhaustion.


Change your perception of life. The more colorful you will try to make your life, the more you’ll enjoy. You know it’s just one life that everyone lives. Don’t let others, control your life. In the end, it’s just you and only you that matters and yes, you know you are perfect.



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