In our day to day life, we face many rejections from all spheres of life. Rejection is something which makes us believe that we are doing something and we are in a process to achieve something. Rejection can be in any way, rejection of your idea, belief, thoughts anything. Not everyone will follow what you think or what you consider to be true or better for anyone. People might reject you because they might disagree with what you are thinking. You might have a difference of opinion for certain things, for that opinions you can be rejected but you are not wrong it just that you might have a different opinion on something. Everyone at some point in time in their life has faced rejection and failure. This is proof that you are working and it is a part of your self-realization. If you will not fail how will you know the real value of your dreams & goals? Post rejection you start to realize how much more effort you need to put into something, what you want to achieve and how far you have to go to achieve it.


Rejection not always mean that you are bad or you are not good enough it sometimes means that the other person fails to understand what you have to offer. We should not give up on anything just by merely thinking about the rejections and failures in the path. Rejections and failures are the steps towards success. Until and unless you fail you will not realize the true worth of something. Learn from the rejections and try to make yourself better you might not be aware as to what is in store for you.

Every time you get rejected take it as a stepping stone towards your success and move ahead. You can’t just sit back thinking that you have failed at one step and you been rejected at the second. you might win on the third step. Never lose hope and strike for your goal and try to achieve them. Take failures as a lesson and move ahead. Every time you get rejected just say “NEXT” please. Have confidence in you and never lose your charm. You might get rejected for the post of a minister but you never know you can be the prime minister of the country. Take rejection and failures as your pride badges and walk with confidence and move ahead.


Look for something good in each day even if you have to look little harder. NO not always means rejection it can also mean redirection. Rejection is God’s sign to tell that we have better in store for you. This is not it, you have many more to come. Just have faith in yourself and work towards it. We might get an infinite rejection but never lose infinite hopes and never stop dreaming.

The worst thing to happen to someone is regret. Rejection will not hurt as much as regret will. Rejections can be taken care of but regrets in life will be with you for long. Though we should not have regrets in our life, if we will not try something or do something how will we know what is meant for us and how to go about it. Better to face rejection and failure than have regrets in life. Try fail try fail but TRY…..


It is better to be rejected than to be adjusted in the world where you don’t belong. Its hard to fail but it is even harder to not try. It will not harm if you will try and fail but what will matter is not trying and thinking about what could have happened. Rejection is not fatal it is merely someone’s opinion. It is a sign that you are trying to do something. A rejection is nothing but a necessary step to take in pursuit of success. Every time you will think that you have been rejected from something good, you will actually being redirected to something better.


Rejection gives you more power to push forward. There is no greater motivator than rejection. The only failure is not to try….. try try until you succeed but never fear rejections….. take them in a positive way and move forward towards your dreams.



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