Relationship is Lifestyle- hence a DIY

Whether it is about “Being with someone” or “Live with THE One”, it is all about the lifestyle you choose to be in. Sharing little things with someone may it be friends or parents or siblings, if we choose from “Being with” or “Live with” we practically give access to our lives to someone. From everything we do, eat or sleep, work or play, has to be done considering them in our mind.

They impact our lifestyle in such a way that our daily habits may even change, I was never that guy to rise up even from mom’s scolding but now to message her just a “Good Morning”, I wake up before the sun, believe it or not, it is a huge change for anyone.

The boy who never thought twice before eating at a road stall now talks about the low standards of these “Dhabas” where he made some of the best memories of his life. Not only boasting about the person you are in relation with right now but also not attending about those relations with parents, siblings and, friends.

What is the use of such a relationship with a certain someone even if that someone is only your friend and not your partner where you have to change yourself, by pretending, to show him or her that you are better or have same standards? and what is the use of that relationship with parents where we lie to them first thing in the morning about where we were and what we were doing?

And soon enough these small things in relation become habits that now by default exists in us becoming a reason for those stress and other hazardous words like tension and depression, constituting another part of this every day “Lifestyle” we talk about.

So where do we stand now, at which point, are we already in that part where we have changed so much from who we were before? The main self-doubt right now, does the change in our lifestyle, the way we talk to our parents, the way we behave and how we react to our friends now, was all this change happen for good?

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If the answer is yes, without a second thought, it is assured that you are being very fair to yourself and not compromising anything you loved before.

But if even for a fraction of a second, you had a thought of reconsidering about your own self it is time to focus on what you lost so close to you and if you could get it back.

No expert could expertise in this, no teacher could teach this is something you need to do yourself as even the best took seconds to fail in this test of relationship with “Yourself and your Lifestyle”.


Jayesh Jain



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