Reporters are important people


All of the journalistic signs today towards a need for more responsible reporting, clearer interpretation of significant events and more interesting writing of news of government. Reporters must be made to realise the extremely important place they whole in the lives of every citizen in a democracy. They must have drummed into their minds that news is a powerful weapon, that facts highly inflatable when used carelessly or with bad intent. There must be told time and again that theirs is a respectable job, a position of trust, a profession with the power to change peace to war, joy to sadness, love to hate patriotism to treason.
Reporting is the basis of all communications in the world today. The job of the reporter will be secured for ages to come because no matter what mediums ideas may use to pass from one person to another, somewhere in the background there will have to be persons to gather and organise those ideas.
Because of the job of the reporter is so vital today he needs to think more about his qualifications for his job. Fundamentally, news writing has changed little during the past half century, but the life that the reporter interprets has become increasingly complex. During the decades since the fierce news-column battels of the New York World and the New York Journal reporters have been trained in the art of interpretative writing. Responsible editors have emphasized interpretative reporting as opposed to the insertion of opinion and bias in the news and as opposed to “straight” news writing. The next step is concerted and emphatic training in responsible and readable news writing. If men are to live in peace in an explosive, scientific world, they must understand better the forces that control individuals, groups, and government. The needs of the world cry out for more and better interpretation based on a higher sense of responsibility to the reader. The reporter must know and understand psychology, social change, economic, and human nature better than he has ever understood them before. 



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