respect is greater than money

.“Don’t lower your standards for anything or anyone, self -respect is everything”


Nothing is more important than self- respect. Not money, not love, not your designation. If there is one thing that matters most in life in addition to happiness, it is self -respect. And frankly if you do not have self- respect , there is no way you can be happy in the first place, no matter how much money you make, what position you attain in life or whether you are with someone who claims to love you.

Self- Respect is about looking in the mirror and being proud of who you are and not letting others treat you like a doormat that they can trample upon whenever they wish or treat you like a thing that they can use or throw away as per their wishes. Some people have been brainwashed with the idea that they should always be a people pleaser under all circumstances. They bend backwards so many times and try so hard to win the respect of everyone else, that ultimately people only see them as soft targets that can be manipulated and used as per their wishes. And no, they are not respected. Respect is commanded, it can never be begged for. When we were young, we were taught to respect our parents and siblings, teachers and elders, rules of the house and laws of the land. We were also taught to be tolerant of other people’s ideas and respectful of their traditions. As we got older, we became more discerning. Now we offer respect to people who behave properly on a consistent basis, and we shake our heads, often in sadness and pity, at those who think that respect is measured by the size of their pocketbook or the job title they possess.

Self- respect is about knowing that nothing is more important than your dignity. Its about not letting others get away with treating you like crap. If you are being treated like you are nobody then even the highest amount of money you get in the job won’t change the fact that in the eyes of your employer, you are a commodity, not a person.

If you are always being belittled, insulted or abused, whether emotionally or physically by someone who says they love you, then no matter what they claim, the truth is in their eyes you are nothing more than a toy over which they think they have complete power. Do you really think you can be happy in such kind of a life, where your very existence becomes that of a thing, not an individual? Take a stand, let people know you have had enough and you will not let them use you anymore. Once you develop a backbone, not only will you start respecting yourself, others will start giving you the respect you deserve as well.



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