Rethinking priorities


Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? As young individuals, we constantly dream of being successful in terms of career growth. We would do everything in our power to be recruited in that ‘Dream job’. Of course, in order to achieve your goals,it is necessary to put in your best efforts in terms of academics as well as co-curricular activities. We try hard to pad up our resumes to shine bright amongst our competitors and peers. But have we as youngsters forgotten where to draw the line when we do things just for the sake of doing it in order to put it in our resume? Have we stopped valuing our passions and basic human values just to be a part of the stressful and highly competitive ratrace?


It is absolutely true that the world that we live in today is extremely competitive.We need to have that special ‘something’ to stand out amongst our peers and other equally capable contenders. It has become a necessity for students to either intern in a company or maybe even volunteer in NGO’s. These experiences are a ‘surety’ that your resume will not be bleak and boring. But nowadays,youngsters often do not care about their experience as an intern or volunteer and just do things just for the sake of acquiring a certificate! People often enroll themselves to learn a course just so that they can mention it in their resume!They might not even gain or learn anything out of the course!There was a time when people used to value their experiences and be interested in learning small and useful stuff when they interned during their vacations.The young generation of today have just been blinded by peer and social pressures and have jumped on the bandwagon of blindly following what others are doing. The youth of today do not value good behaviour and often find ways to put down their peers so that they feel confident. People would rather show a ‘fake attitude’ to others rather than be their genuine selves.Books are read just for the sake of mentioning them so that people find them intellectual.People learn new things just so that they can mention these on their resume.


Padding up your resume is good,but at the same time it is more important to genuinely enjoy what you do. Don’t succumb to the pressure of doing what everyone is doing.Be genuine.Be passionate.Do what you love to do.Soak up new experiences.Don’t follow the crowd just because everyone is doing something which apparently is a surety for success.Just be you.   



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