Sanatan Dharma

Sanatan Dharma- A Limitless Life
Sanatan Dharma a term quoted by the mystics, some call it the way of life,
some term it as the Vedic religion and some call it the foundation of Hinduism.
All have different stories to tell and different ways to narrate them but all point
in the same direction, the path and the same ideology of being ideal in one’s
What does Sanatan Dharma mean?
The meaning of Sanatan is like defining the meaning of life, it has many
different meanings and interpretations. Sanatan derives from Anadi and
Ananta meaning one that neither has a beginning nor an end. Dharma is
derived from Dhri which means to preserve or adhere to something.
Sanatan Dharma defines the eternal laws, in other words, the non-physical
laws that define our actions, our behaviour, and our desires of being
something more of what we are right now.
Who made Sanatan Dharma?
Sanatan Dharma is believed to originate from sages and spiritual personality
but there is no founder or guru to be called as leader of Sanatan Dharma. It
simply defines a way of life that was put forward by many but none who
followed Sanatan Dharma authored it.
The very origin of Sanatan Dharma is called Apaurusheya which means “not
made by men”. Sanatan, as portrayed by saints, are divine vibrations that are
put forward to human society through meditation and blessing of the divine
The essence of Sanatan Dharma
We as human beings are very hungry, we always carve for things that we don’t
have and even if we get those things we once carved for our desires shift to yet
another thing that we don’t have. This longing for the next best thing
scientifically makes us who we are Humans. It identifies the greatest joy does
not lie in earthly pleasure but the laps of a calm mind.

Sanatan Dharma is an expression of belief and freedom from the very desires
of longing. Santan Dharma addresses the ideology of humans to expand
limitlessly to have no boundaries, no barriers, no Ananta, in other words, it is
the way of gaining Mukti an attempt of achieving the Holy Grail and
Sanatan Dharma the Path
Sanatan Dharma symbolizes the entire cosmos as one, the creation by the
divine. It relates everything from living to non-living as objects made by the
same thread and brought into existence by the will of the supreme entity. It
signifies how the universe functions in a synchronous way and how can we as
humans be the part of the grand scale orchestra.
The path that is suggested by Sanatan Dharma is like none other. It is the state
of having a sense of belonging to supreme divine power. An endeavour to
achieve cradle of joy.
Sanatan Dharma the Message
All in all Sanatan Dharma says fulfilment cannot be found if we roam the
universe but can be achieved by staying in one place, being happy instead of
searching it, being peaceful instead of requesting it, and living life as one
instead of passing it.


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