Say No to Negativity


Negativity is like a transmissible disease, it advances from one person to the other without their knowledge. Furthermore in everyone’s life there is always one or more Mr. Negative in form of a critique (who sees negative in everything) or in form of a victim (who blames and give excuses of encountering bad luck every time). You are able to relate I am sure and so you should know, how harmful these negative elements are to you in your life, After all surrounding ourselves with such negative people kills our energy and neurones in the brain hippocampus. Joel Osteen an American televangelist said, “you cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life”. To be positive and live a healthy life you have to eliminate the negatives from your lives as they are the parasites that will become a part of your life and will never let you grow. Every one of us Wake Up and do with different struggles and challenges in once daily life not just to be a mediocre instead to live a king size life. In that then why do you let these negative clouds block your light of success? It is better to avoid these people or eliminate them so you can lead a happier optimistic and delightful life. Let us see some more reasons in a go that why one must avoid these negative people:-
1. You see negative in everything:-
When you are surrounded with negative people, your perspective to see life also turns a little negative. Initially like them you too start seeing fault in everything or you start blaming your luck for everything and this all then increases with time.
2. They make you feel depressed:-
When you continuously hear negative people you feel depressed in yourself. You start thinking of the things you don’t have or you are not good at instead of being grateful of what you possess.
3. They waste your time:-
Time is money and this fact is known to all of us. So why to waste time listening to negative people who leaves a bad effect on our mind. Or waste time talking about others fault with a negative person is totally useless after all it is well said by someone that small mine talks about people and great mind talks about ideas.
4. Unsatisfied:-
These people themselves are unsatisfied from everything and everyone and so they leave us with the same attitude. So no wonder if you find yourself unsatisfied even in happy times if you got a couple of negative people around you.

Darren McGreevy said, “some people are like clouds when they disappear it’s a brighter day”. So let’s promise ourselves to lead a better life eliminating all the negativities, but wait we can not eliminate all there are always some people in our daily life that we can’t eliminate but yes we can avoid them.
So here we are with some ways to avoid negative people:-
1. Talk less, Smile more:-
When you encounter such people you must talk or discuss less things with them instead smile more to what they say then to answer and finally leave them wondering. As they have solution to every problem and problem from every solution.
2. Don’t encounter them on social media:-
Social media is a large platform where you find everyone and everything sharing their personal views. So you must block or unfriend these negative people as they always post some pictures or status with a very gloomy or cynical caption that then affects your mind the most as your mind thinks more in the direction of what you read or saw.
3. Learn to say No:-
No is the most underrated word in our society. So don’t fall into the social trap of always being good. Sometimes we have to step out of social boundaries for ourselves and say No to the negative people telling them you don’t want to listen to their complains from life and their negative perspective on everything around.
At last I would like to mention what Jim Rohn said “ You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. So choose wisely and stay happy living a life of optimism being positive and making distance from the negative.


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