Say no to open defecation



We started too late so we reached the village about 12 am mid night
At that time village was so dark and they don’t even have the access to Street lights only one street light was present at the village office and I just lost in thoughts and thinking how bad is my fate .where is my city which never sleeps at night also and see this is the village without any light also and thank God you gave us moonlight for 15 days and suddenly I listen some voice and startled was the voice of the servant for our family which was kept by the village officials…my dad is a teacher so obviously we transferred from one place to another two times a year .and our servant said to my father sir please apologize us because there is no electricity facility in your house and we will arrange it by tomorrow and my father said to him it’s okay then we all slept with the noisy mosquitoes and flies sound and I didn’t sleep well at that night

In the morning while I was brushing my teeth and I was searching for the toilet to pee and I asked the servant to show the way to the toilet and with a sarcastic smile he said to me that we don’t have toilets it is not good to pee in a toilet it is very healthy to defecate openly I was in a shock and he also said that in a sarsactic way that it is very healthy to breathe a deep breath outside. In a open ground so we villagers have only time when we pee so we don’t construct toilets we just defecate outside and he also said that inhale deep breath inside and exhale deep fart outside very healthy very healthy ..with his words I just lost my thoughts and I couldn’t bear that and I went to near town where there are public toilets and then I was so frustrated to live in that village and I argued with my father about living in that village then he asked what is the problem and I said open defecation is the problem here then my father replied with a smile that something you don’t like is happening in your life .you need to change that not the others and he also said that your are struggling for the people to get their basic rights so the toilets are also basic rights for the people …now I got some clarification and I want to change this in my village so I went to the municipallity office and asked the chairmen about building of the toilets then he replied that ma’am we tried to build toilets in that village but they don’t have the awareness to have a toilet and they don’t know what are the effects of open defecation .and we don’t have lot of members to teach about the awareness of it and he also showed me that the failures of building a toilet …ma’am we constructed about hundred toilets but when there village head was insulted they lost their cool and destroyed all the toilets of worth 5 crores and some toilets they using as the grain storage rooms and he said that about 50 children are died in that village due to diarrhea ..then I silently left there and I thought whole night. the other day once again I went to that officer and asked him that if i aware the people will you construct the toilets to them.??..he said yes ma’am we can ask for funds and in one month time she aware all the people about toilets and why there are required …in about 15 months span our district become the first district with 0% of open defecation .then I travelled from one district to another to teach the awareness of toilets and this is my aim

I want to see my India clean and neat
First toilet then temple
—- narendhar modi


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