Section 377: Unnatural Offences


Yes! that is what written in our constitution.

What is Unnatural?

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Basically something artificial.

Let’s get away from the opinion of our mind and focus on what is artificial or “unnatural”?

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An alien species trying to take over the world or say just aliens, a situation caused by some complication that wasn’t supposed to happen and so on and so forth.
We are not to judge whether something is unnatural or not, cause we try to put everything we can’t understand or accept as unnatural. We can understand it as “unnatural” of the son from a doctor’s family to go for arts, or becoming something which society sees as an outcast is “unnatural” for us (talking in a broad prospect). We put our beliefs to test when we discover something “not acceptable” now either we accept it or we don’t but considering it “unnatural” is a case where our fears indulge with us in making a decision.

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Yet another word “fear”, here it stands for something we didn’t know can happen like complications in some surgery or some other major catastrophe like Kerela floods. Or more precisely here “fear” stands for an act which we are familiar with but are not ready to accept since it goes beyond what we or our beliefs could analyze or even grasp.

Now times have changed, we don’t fear the rides we were afraid of when we were kids, we accept everything, there is a time for that. Eventually, we accept else we become the outcast in society, right?

So, to all the opinions out there. It doesn’t matter what we think cause some individuals are fighting for something which they were put as an UNNATURAL offender according to law.

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We need to define what is unnatural to us cause sooner or later something is going to come which won’t be familiar to us at all but we will have to accept it no matter what.

That’s what makes it a topic of discussion, not LGBT rights or anything but whether we will be adaptable or not. No one of us wants to be an outcast after all.

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