Selfless Hearts

We are all blessed to have a family. Ask those who are not.
The rebel teenager in me never understood the unconditional love my parents showered on me until I went away from my comfortable cosy home for my higher studies to a distant city.
     A new start of life, the spirited me, who was always ready to fight it all and enjoy every bit of life. The freedom was addictive. It was a new attempt out of my comfort secure zone. I embarked on my new journey with dreams, hopes and passions like any other individual who is just out of school. Making new friends, late night gossips in hostel, the cute boys,the bad food, the group study before exams, assignments, everything had its own charm.
      But there were times when I felt vulnerable. Too immature to believe people, getting backstabbed, meeting expectations, new responsibilities and what not. With all these new changes coming up, I realized I had and have my constant, my family.
In such a big World, we all need a family, a small family to rely on. They are like a pillar and sticks through thick and thin. Life would have been so lifeless had dad not told me that “its okay, you can score better!”, when I somehow managed to pass my first math’s university exam, had mom not softened my heart when I had a heart break, had bro not irritated me with yummy-delicious-food pictures that mom cooks during weekend.
     How easily we adapt to the everyday life right that we forget that our parents are also growing old. A ‘good morning call’ or a ‘text’ can make them so happy I never really knew. When we skip our breakfast and they call us just to know if we have eaten, makes us irritated. Do you remember any of the day when you were in school and you skipped breakfast? No right? When we are busy making memories late at night with our friends, there is someone(our parents) staying awake or half asleep thinking if we have reached home safely. One phone call is all it takes to comfort the worried heart.
      There are times, when we are low, going through bad times or mood swings, we call our friends , pour our heart out. But there is someone ,our parents, who wants to talk and have a lot to share,is hesitating to call you because you might get disturbed. This life will go on, our hardwork to achieve great heights will happen, the determination to keep shining will surely take place but amongst all that lets not take those selfless souls for granted for their love is inevitable.


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