A small city situated in the heart of india madhya pradesh.This city although minuscule full of peace and harmony. The name shahdol has its origin from an indigenous tribe of the sohagpur village.  It is the 9th division of madhya pradesh which comprises cities like shahdol, umaria, anuppur.Being  a small city ,shahdol you will find every possible thing you need. You’ll find good quality food in different commodity, you will find “chaupati” at the centre of the city ,it includes many food stalls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The city is also known for a shiva temple called as “Virateshwar temple”.People from neighbouring cities  come to pay homages at different occasions like mahashivratri,savan somvar, and at the time of makarsanti. The city has  a population of 86,681 ,the local dialect of hindi,called baghelkhandi is spoken by majority of people .The city shahdol is run under the  governance of the municipal council.  Overall shahdol is a good place to visit,because of the city’s charm and it’s vicinity to several spots like the bandhavgarh national park and amarkantak.


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