She Sex And Society

She Sex Society

‘She’ is supposed to have sex with someone unknown on very next day of her marriage but if ‘she’ does sex with someone she loved then it’s not acceptable. If ‘she’ is talking about sex in public then it makes her character questionable. If ‘she’ loses her virginity before marriage then ‘she’ is a slut. If ‘she’ talks about sex with her male friends then ‘she’ wants to make out with them. But if ‘she’ doesn’t feel like talking about sex on someday with her husband then ‘she’ is wrong. If ‘she’ wears short dresses then she is inviting people. If ‘she’ masturbates or watches porn then ‘she’ is whore .If ‘she’ pats or touches her male friends frequently then it’s just another way of telling that ‘she’ is interested in him. If a guy whom ‘she’ loved truly betrayed her then it’s her mistake that ‘she’ trusted a wrong guy. If ‘she’ said a no to someone who proposed her then ‘she’ is a prude. If ‘she’ said yes then look I told you she was into you.

Quite complicated relationship right ?


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