Her cheeks seem rounder,
as if there is a healthy glow.
A pink nothingness that seems to scream
of Happiness.

There are lines too,
around her eyes and lips
the kind that only appear after snips
a steady joy and sanctity.

And her smile touches her eyes,
after years of only water,
it is almost holy to see her shine
As though the past did not matter.

She wears glasses now.
I think she always needed them,
But why get it earlier
When she would only see the slum.

She wears her hair in a bun
It’s tied back with a single pin
And colored black
To hide the white.

Her belly is not as thin.
It’s a good thing you see,
it’s finally filled with the happiness
she always deserved.

I want to tell her this

I want her to know
how happy I am,
for her happiness.
But I don’t know if I have the right.

I did not put the emptiness in her belly,
Or the tears in her eyes.

I did not put the worry lines on her forehead
And I would have forgotten it all
Were it not for the wrinkles above her eyes
That reminded everyone of how she used to bawl

But I also did not do anything
To make her cheeks glow now.
I did not change her smile
To finally touch her eyes

But I’m happy someone did


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