I was silenced when I realized,

Screams in this world vanquish

Faster than candles against winds.


When it dawned upon me

That to stop a fight,

Means to sometimes take a hit.


When I grew up to understand

That win or lose doesn’t matter was just a myth.

And consolation prizes were stuff of fairy tales.


When I realized it took longer runs to achieve dreams,

And shorter to just be,

What the world wants me to be.

And gave up after a single cry,

Because there was never time,

For second tries.

I choked on truths,

Because lies were easier to swallow.

And did it for so long,

That they were heavy enough,

And I was no longer hollow.

I forgot to laugh,

Because sorrow was more comforting.

And put up walls,

Because I was told,

People just want to see you fall.

Became cold,

Because love was too difficult,

And easy relationships,

Was hoping for miracles.

So you see,

I was not always a silent person.

The end of my voice came,

With every little breakthrough in life.

When I realized the infinite pains,

Of an enormous universe

And then reflected upon my minute size.


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