Silent political call…

The Indian politics is always very much interesting than any others. I don’t know avtuactu why it is in such a way that each and every person will be involved. There are many reasons for such involvement, it may be caste or religion or region or class. Now at present we are experiencing the 2nd one, infact no one is willing to accept the same thing in the next forthcoming elections. That is the reason why there is a sudden coalition drama in Karnataka. Really it is an surprising thing that each and every political party is going against the ring wing party i.e BJP. Result may be seen or not but in my view there is something change that we all experienced during Modi era, but the negative here is the spread of Hinduism is the backdrop for this era. 

     Coming to the “silent political call” that is referred to is that many political parties are going in their way for the strong coalition against BJP, but the thing they are forgetting is that if they form a coalition then who will be the PM? Why this question is because there is a supreme part the INC in coalition part then defined Sonia will lean towards Rahul Beta. But, here the silent call comes i.e no coalition part is accepting Rahul Gandhi for prime minister post. This is the tricky thing that now many parties are silent about it but what about after elections if coalition wins against single largest party the BJP. Coalition is needed for a good governance where different ideologies include and a expected positive thing comes out. But in India this is reverse as we can see it from UPA-2 government where Manmohan Singh is just like a puppet where the total game is with Sonia and CPM. I believe that this will be not the situation for next coalition government. 

    Another strong silent call that awakened whole nation at a strip is Pranab Mukherjee visit to RSS event this June 7th. This is a common ok for us but regarding political forum it is a call for comeback into politics by Pranab Mukherjee. A 82 year old ex-president is very smart and politically very intelligent than many political makers. Now the thing here is that he is moving towards the coalition acceptance and he may be the PM candidate for this coalition parties. This is not really digested by Rahul Gandhi and we all know that why? But here the must to remember thing is that Jawaharlal Nehru invited RSS for 1963 republic day and Indira Gandhi in 1977 visited for RSS event and the father Mahatma Gandhi also been positive towards RSS values. Then why many people are now against to Pranab Da is just because the situations going on in the coalition ground. Pranab Da is very much in touch with all the coalition members and even RSS chief. 

    These are all the silent calls for our Indian political system that anything may happen but each one has a crucial link i.e 2019 elections. But honestly in my view coalition government must have a sense of cooperation in terms of ruling, if it fails then once again India will be a part of world map. If the single largest party wins once again or the coalition know their mistakes and act wise then our India will be one in supreme nations. Hope the nation is watching everything and infact people experienced everything and every type of government, and now it is to just wait and watch which experiencing they liked the most. 


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