Smelly World (Can you see the smells?)

If the world embarks on a journey to guide the pathway of an already frustrated modern man by means of smell, let me tell you that this may yield both hunky-dory and depressing results. Let’s analyze:

¤The body odor of a man waking up from his bed early (or even midday) will provoke the ladies of the neighborhood to swarm around his Greek god figure like the bees around a hive.
Trust me. This smell would erect Satan’s Pandemonium in a mortal world.

¤The smell rather an incense of the flowers in the parks, gardens, etc. would give the feeling of a child’s lips against your rough cheeks.
This can invite the third basic emotion called jealousy on the part of those artificial flowers who will be seen rolling their eyes, showing a complete disapproval of their much-felt deficiency.

¤ The smell of those fragrant candles which set the mood of a non-committing lover will be personified as a cupid in the bed striking those love arrows, one after the other to improve positions and poses in a rose-studded bed.

¤ The smell of the bathroom fresher would be an introvert fearing to be exposed in front of those people who make an entry into their house (the loo).

¤ The smell of the blood-smeared meat lying raw upon the unhygienic counter of a butcher can probably be personified as a serial killer who when finally caught red-handed by the cops is all smeared in his original color (literally that blood-red).

¤Finally the smell of a coffin which is now nothing but a corpse will be personified as a joke with a complete smile and no sign of angst or fear on its face. Just tranquil, expressionless or probably poker-faced.

And one more thing,
The smell of a writer composing the mixture of this incense-bearing and reeking letter is that of a clown with a little bit of talent as per his/her capacity to merge humor with pathos, and tinge your laughter with tears and make it seem like a complete jest.

A smell that has laughter.

A smell that has the withered flowers of tragedy.

A smell that has the smell of burnt pancakes.

A smell that has the aroma of Jamaican coffee.

A smell that has the essence of vanilla.

A smell that has the power of vapors emitting from pasta Arabiatta.

A smell which is way more than just a smell.


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