Social etiquette that should be on your fingertips

Etiquette are as necessary as breathing is, this is what I feel. One should know what good behavior is so that you do not turn out to create a situation that is socially awkward for you and everyone around you. Although we do not have strict rules but etiquette are the rules that come from within. Just as charity begins at home, etiquette also begin at home. Here are FOUR basic etiquette to begin with:

1. Use “Please”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me”

These are must. One should use them regularly to show respect towards other person or group of people around you. Also you can “sorry” or rather “excuse me” when you sneeze (make it a habit, even when there is no one around). This shows you are considerate of peeps around you. Suppose you bump into someone suddenly you should use “excuse me”.

2. Put that cell phone AWWWAAAYYYYYYY!!

These days when you are at social gathering or a dinner party you cannot stop yourself from bringing out that smart phone from your pocket or purse. But put that smart phone away!! You are basically repelling people around you. Moreover you are disrespecting your host. You are actually making situation socially awkward for people around you. We also never remember to put that phone on silent while we are in movies. And when it rings, people get highly irritated. So next time be sure to use your smart phone in smart way!!

3. Be on time

NO matter your friends or your host might not show any disapproval when you are late but it really gross people out. The first question that pops into person’s head “how busy a person can be?”. Never ever make someone wait. Guys never make your girls wait you might end up in complete disaster. Well girls don’t get so happy because vice versa is also true. We know everyone is too busy these days but when you decide a time please be on time!!(You see how I am using please and you are getting convinced with very first etiquette that we learnt about! That’s how it works!!). Or you can be before time. I know that’s too uptight but then some days it’s ok to be uptight rather than being blamed (isn’t it?).

4. Never go empty handed

One should never go empty headed at dinner party or any social gathering. You always take something for host. Even if you are instructed not to bring any gifts, well I suggest you still should. Take a bouquet, sweets or that fancy bottle of wine. This will make host feel that you are really happy to be invited and that you were looking forward to their party.

These small gestures in your day to day life can bring big differences. You might have heard all it took was one step. Be sure to imbibe the above etiquette and don’t forget this is just beginning.


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