Social Media

Nowadays people spend more time on sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter, Instagram and others. Todays Teens are fully addicted to it.They feel restless if they don’t find their mobile on bed when they wake up. Worst part is that, they get irritated and angry If suddenly mobile data or Wi-Fi stops working. I believe that every one should have knowledge about social media. From teenager to old age, everyone should use it but that should not change to addiction. Social media has positive as well as negative effects. But negative effects are more than that of positive effects.
social media is good platform for online education, to promote business, shopping and many more things. Infact, It help us to keep in touch with old friends and family who are far away from us. But at the same time it also becomes barrier for face to face communication. People are just involved in virtual world. Students get opportunities to learn new technology though online education. Every thing has become easy like booking railway ticket ,paying bills etc. It has reduced work alot. On other hand, It helps many people for job opportunities. Every morning, we get news by just scrolling the pages in mobile. If we want to watch any latest video songs, we can easily get on you tube.

But reverse effects of social media is that people are wasting more time in it rather than completing their task. Students are more busy in Facebook and WhatsApp than doing their studies. Students perform multitask and switch between study and social media activities. This reduces their concentration levels, which is directly proportional to the academic performance. People make thousands of friends on Facebook. But they should realise the reel and real one in their life. Nowadays teens are getting bullied by someone on social media. People can misuse social media platforms to spread rumors, create fake account, destroying reputations and to blackmail others. Most of the time, youth go through loneliness, depression, and anxiety by social media activity. Sitting all the day, Infront of PC or mobile or laptop is not good for health. everyone should use social media to some extent , not beyond that. It effects our health like strains on eyes, headache, spondylosis and many more things. In short, everyone should have control over social media. Lastly, I conclude that we must use it but the priority and time must be taken care and you should decide it, not by the social networking.


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