Social Media Detox Review

I went on 15-day social media detox during my summer holidays. A social media detox refers to complete social media boycott i.e. No Facebook, no WhatsApp, no Instagram or anything. Well, I wouldn’t say mine was a proper detox, it was a medium level one. ( I continued 1 hour or so of YouTube).

Well, the experience was heavenly.
I started with uninstalling all social networking apps from my phone. Then I logged out of every online account ever made on the internet from my laptop and then deleted all cookies.

 At the start, it used to get to my nerves. Whenever I wasn’t busy my hands would reach for my phone just to realise that it had nothing to offer. I even read up all my emails, old and new. Then, it started to get better. The problem I realised was the amount of free time I had. There was so much of unused time. It was almost unbelievable. I started going for walks and playing games. I chatted with the kids playing downstairs and helped my mother with the cooking. I talked to my grandmother about her childhood and of our country’s struggle for independence. I listened to my uncle’s views on spirituality. I discussed future prospects with my dad. Else, I spent hours on my laptop reading about all kinds of things from World War 1 to the current ISIS situation. I read about severe drug addiction problems in the world and about pregnant women behind bars. I read about the Indian armed forces and the heroes who have made our lives better and safer. I listened to songs extensively. I discovered new bands and even found my favorite one. By the end of 4-5 days, my life was a bliss. I never wanted to go back. I had gained more knowledge than ever. My mind worked faster and focusing wasn’t so hard anymore. I got closer to my family. I did not care if any of my friends were roaming around in Malaysia or elsewhere. I cherished my time with the ones physically around me. I met up with my childhood buddies and we had a blast. My cousins came around and we made crazy dubsmashes together. I wrote a lot. Articles, stories and many other essays and reports.

Finally, the experience was worth it. I would want to do it again and I seriously recommend you to try it. Just for 10 days and you will see that we waste so much time on these things. Now I am back and addicted to all this again. But I know that I will not hesitate even once if I had to do it again. I can live happily without all the social networking.

Find yourself! Don’t get dragged into things just because of your peers. Come out of the cage built by this society. You are an independent human. Your brain is smart enough. Analyse and decide for yourself. Realise your potential and grab the infinite time. You are a far more beautiful being than who the social media portrays you as. And, trust me. This is the way to become the person you want to be and I know you can do it! All the best! 


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