social media

Social life?
Connecting people or disconnecting them?
Probably both.
Go back to the lane.
Imagine making friends in playground and running in parks instead of temple run.
Feeling Nostalgic?
Well u should be.
We all pretend something in our social lives that we are not really within.
Yes i crave for pictures, i post them every now and them but as the clock ticks 12 and i hold my cell close to my chest, i realise how many friendships, relationships have been broken due to these sites that claim to connect people.
We all are happy in virtual world, lonely in real lives and craving for attention in this not so creepy land.
Maybe, all needs one cause : Social Media.
I wish i could relive those days where phones didnt use to interrupt conversation with parents. Where friends used to meet in social gatherings instead of social sites. Where happiness was real and love wasn’t really lost under the tag of ‘judgement’.
I wish.
I sob.
I wake up and check my phone again.
And clock once again ticks twelve.


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