Solid Angles Trilogy – Part 2

So, how do you move ahead on a solid angle? 

   It’s obvious that a solid angle would include a horizontal direction and other directions which are inclined upwards and downwards. But how can we move in all those directions at the same time?

   Looking at the broader picture, an inclination of even a small amount will lead to an appreciable height at infinity. But if we move exactly horizontal, it will take us far away but not at heights. We need to take leaps of faith and move up an incline. Because then, when we die finally, all we need to do is let go and the gravity will pull us back to the core. We need to let go of the solid angles in which we have failed. We need to realize that there are several others left that have been rarely explored. The energy to move forward is knowledge. It’s in the air, it can be grabbed and conserved. Money is like food, we tend to eat too much and decrease our capacity. We need just the right amount for an easy and smooth upward movement. Consistency and endurance are like water. We can survive at heights without it but not for long.

   As you go higher the concentration goes on reducing. The ultimate infinity is full of nothing, its just space, vacuum. You reach nothingness. The sphere or universe of creativity has a single star. The one that produces energy itself. It cannot take energy from any other (because any other star does not exist). It’s just this one vast star in the absolute nothingness. For men, self-centered and envious beings, only nothingness can bring them real happiness.

  The surface of the sphere of creativity leads us to the ultimate truth, a single answer to all our questions. It’s at a place where none of us have ever reached. A place invisible to oblivious beings such as us. A place where none of us will ever reach. A place full of happiness, paradise. But, it is possible to see that place from a certain relative infinite distance and feel the powerful presence of that place even inside our hideous mortal bodies.

P.S.- Read Part 1 first. Tch. 


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