Solid Angles Trilogy – Part 3

So as I said before, you can feel the power of nothingness from a place that is at a decent distance from the core or rather a place which tends to infinity.

How are you going to reach the surface, lets call it the ‘place’?  The bigger problem now is that not everyone’s ‘place’ is same. Everyone has a ‘place’ of their own for their experience of infinity. Infinity cannot be reached. You will die once you reach there. Because it’s full of nothing. If you have read The Bartimaeus Trilogy, you will clearly understand what I am trying to say here. Ptolemy leaves this world and goes with Bartimaeus to ‘The Other World’ to know more. Jonathan Stroud interprets these ‘places’ as ‘gates’. Ptolemy has to choose one and go inside. When he comes back, he falls very sick because he spent too much time there. This sickness eventually kills him because humans can’t switch from the ‘nothingness world’ to ‘mortal world’ easily. But Ptolemy reached his place after tonnes of hard work. He stayed at that place for a while to understand it, but it drained him of all his energy. His vital senses and organs got weak.

Its simple, let me explain it differently. As we all know, mass is nothing but energy. Everything is nothing but energy. Energy is the basis of this world. As the velocity of your movement on your solid angle, reaches the speed of light, you reach nothingness. That’s your infinity. But the means of acceleration is different for different beings. That means of acceleration is your solid angle. The velocity is your energy and the mass is your time on this Earth. Mass decreases, speed increases. You reach infinity, you die. It’s as simple as that. And its beautiful. But we always interpret death as a negative thing. Death is your soul’s complete conversion into energy . Your mortal mass isn’t the mass I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the mass of your soul. Your reservoir of energy that you’ve built and exhausted over the years. Your knowledge, experience, mistakes, faiths, beliefs, feelings, everything.

What you have to do now is, find you means of acceleration, your solid angle. A path that excites you. You may shift from one means to another. You may leave one and gather another. But the one that you are at when you reach your infinity is the one you were supposed to choose. But this the way we are made. We have to find it. You will not realize it’s importance until you have been through some other ones. Some find it early, some find it late. Most never find it. But whenever you do find it, you stick with it and you get to the surface. What matters is whether you reach there, because then you will die. That’s all that matters.

Take up a solid angle you like and move ahead on it. If the solid angle you take up isn’t the ‘meant to be solid angle’, you will not fall back to the core. You are not going to fall back when you change your solid angle. You will never fall back due to that. You might get slower, so it may seem like you are falling behind. But distance covered, remains the distance covered. It’s not displacement. Distance counts, not displacement. Distance represents your knowledge and experience, displacement is what people see. It’s people’s interpretation of where you’ve reached. It’s not the truth. It’s never the truth. You of all people should know that. You may keep going around in circles, but you will keep learning as long you keep moving. In your own time you will understand that you need to let the centrifugal force pull you out of there, whenever you are ready. You will then change solid angles, you will learn to let go of some of them. Don’t ask me how. You’ll know how. Everybody has a different way of doing it. You will not regret taking up the ones you left. They will not go waste. Because, as I said distance covered will remain distance covered, it’ll never be displacement. Or rather, I should call it area covered, since it’s a solid angle.

   As long as you keep trying, you will get nearer and nearer to the surface of the sphere of creativity. Creativity is a highly rewarding sphere of life. So unlike other spheres, this sphere isn’t so bad on the inside, as good as it is on the surface. It has a few intermediate surfaces as well which serve as surfaces of joy or smaller infinities. Some people stop at these intermediate surfaces without realizing that the actual one lies further ahead. They think they have reached the final infinity. But as I said before you can never reach the final infinity. That’s the thing, you have to always keep going, until you die. That’s the final surface of your life’s creativity sphere, the place where you die and the time when you die. The surface is defined by two major dimensions of our lives, place and time. The surface is your end, your ultimate goal, your infinity. And you cannot reach it before you die. It goes as far as your life goes.


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