Some Thoughts to be Thought Of

From the hearts saying ‘I am an independent woman, I don’t really need anyone, I can live my life on my own and I won’t marry’, in 2018 let’s just travel a bit more inside and go into the depth of those hearts and discover the Other of those Selfs.

Yes, I am liberated, but I also need dependence.
Dependence on someone to embrace me and grab me even harder when my disposition doesn’t permit me to encounter the world.

Yes, I possess the power to bear all the pain on my own, no matter whether that turns out to be periods, labour pain, or heartbreaks
But I yearn for someone who spoils and cossets me in those times and is there to at least split my agony if cannot lessen them.

Yes, I might be able to orchestrate my own world tour
But I also choose that exceptional person to travel with me so that we could undergo all the sweet, sour and weird situations together.

Yes, I might be robust, sensible and full of zeal within me
But sometimes I break down too and then I might long for a shoulder to cry on.

Yes, I often romanticize about my career, being a well established author, signing autographs, delivering inspirational lectures, etc.
But I also fancy about me being a bride wearing a red lehenga walking on a red carpet through a path formed by the joint hands of my family members and some very emotional bidaai songs running in the background and finally sitting with my groom on a beautifully decorated stage.

Yes, I can guide and supervise my children being unmarried or a divorcee,
But I also desire to divide my responsibilities with my significant other and upbring them in a way that they inherit not mine but our customs.

Yes, I can pamper myself with an Agatha Christie book, or the Harry Potter series and a hot mug of coffee, when I reach my home after hustling hard for ten hours out in the harsh world.
But then I also wish to feel relaxed and wanted after I see that one person cooking the food himself and waiting to dine with me.

Yes, I can take charge of me and protect myself,
But I demand for someone who stays with me at my old age and sitting beside me, entwines his wrinkled fingers with mine assuring me of never leaving me desolated.

Yeah, of course I can live my whole life being an independent and a confident girl,
But would not want it to result into an isolation,
Because that, after a certain age might suck. Right? Well, in my case, it would.

– Prerna Jain


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