Sometimes A Change Is Needed


Friends, how many of us have been hurt by some one or the other at certain point of time in life?

The first question which runs down our head is “What was my mistake?”  Not necessarily each time it’s the mistake we do but it can also be how the second person perceives it.

It’s all about the state of mind and how one perceives.

Being optimistic in any situation of life plays a major role. But as we know there’s always a scope of betterment in everything we do, so sometimes a change is definitely needed. Not just because someone else desires it but also certainly it would be for our betterment or peace of mind.

Here’s a small story about a guy who needed a change not because he desired it, but it was the certain situation and circumstances in his life which demanded it.

There was a guy named Vaibhav who was kind hearted but was short tempered when it came to his closed ones. One day due to some misunderstandings he had a clash with his close friend. Things went well until and unless it was being calmly handled.

 Suddenly as anger took over the situation, everything went wrong. Both were hurt at both the ends. And it was all at the cost of friendship.

As we keep hearing words hurt more than actions.

At a certain point of time his anger rose and anger spoils everything. So it happened and the mess was done.

Not a blunder but something which could take away their friendship.

Question arose “Whose mistake was it?”

Sometimes instead of blaming, self-introspection was needed. An alternate solution could have been that it could have been sorted calmly or he might have kept quiet during the situation and could have talked about it later when he was calm.

Friends, it’s not emotions what I want to bring to your notice but one of the most important aspects of life that is “change”.

A simple change at times in everyone’s life can help them be better off with their relationships as well as work. It helps an individual a better person each day.

 Sometimes we neglect those changes or demand of the situation. We never want to accept the change having a perspective in mind that other person wants it, but it’s wrong it’s all for our betterment and peace of mind.


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