Spilling Emotions

The journey is worth remembering for a lifetime,
As for months I have been spilling, 
Uncountable emotions that speak more than words could ever express, 
And sometimes I use all the energy to make it stop, 
The heartache and despair which has been a chaos,
Is yet alive inside of me, like a part of me,
There is an unquestionable solitude inside,
Crawling inside my body as fast as a snail could run,
I have spent endless nights wrapped in the arms,
Of memories, tears, broken promises, shattered dreams,
And in an illusion of yet another perfect love story,
One where there is no end and a parallel universe,
Not with a strange man who will admire me,
Rather, with you and our infinite love,
That lost its colour in few adventurous swings of life,
And unfortunately, you gave up on me and perfect “us”,
I have tried standing on the platonic door for you,
Hoping for a while that you will come back home, 
Little did I know about me and more about you,
You fooled me and made your mind to never return, 
Yet, my optimism is drunk and a bit high,
I confess that may be today I love you more than you do,
Reciprocity is desirable though, I’m living in a real world,
And now, happiness seems an empty word to me.



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