spirals of silence


I was silenced each time maa shouts,

25 years and everything had grown apart now.

I didnt know when, where or how.


I used to see them laughing,

Sitting hand-in-hand.

And now mom’s finger has no wedding band.


They used to cuddle and sleep in the same bed,

And now I can’t even keep a track of the tears they have shed.


I sat around all this,

Because whenever I spoke, I was silenced.

What bothers me is if dad couldnt sleep because of anxiety

And mom couldnt leave him because of this reserved society.


Then why couldn’t they be together like before?

Why couldn’t they be the couple I used to adore?

Why couldn’t they be in love like before?


So I questioned them,

I questioned them

But I was silenced.

I struggled to ease my pain,

My agony , but in vain.



Dad told me to make the right choice.

And the choice that day was not my career or college

It was choice between them,

It was the choice of my custody.


So I try and ask,

I try to cry,

But the pain was searing

And I was silenced.

Yet Again.


Now I am stilled by a blade,

Because at this point death is my only aid.


As I lay on the floor in all that is gory

My mind is still fighting the story of their glory.

My mind is still fighting the spiraling silence of that day,

My mind is still fighting what took it all away.


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