Startup India stand-up India is boom for entrepreneurs career in India

  • To encourage and motivate the youth entrepreneurs of India. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched a Scheme “Startup India, Stand up India”. The ‘Start up India Stand up India’ initiative was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation from Red Fort on 15th August, 2015. This campaign was planned to bring new opportunities for the youths of the country. The Union Cabinet approved the ‘Stand Up India Scheme’ on 16th of January in 2016. This initiative encourages the young entrepreneurs greatly to involve in the entrepreneurship for better future.
    The main aim of this scheme is to promote bank financing as well as offer incentives for startup ventures to boost the entrepreneurship and new job creation techniques among them. This initiative has been planned to bring positive changes according to need of development in country. It helped our country to show the talent of youths through their innovative business all across the world. Youths are the energetic and highly skilled section of the society so they are better target for this campaign.
    Government Scheme :
    Basically, there are following scheme to the launched by government for Startup India, Stand Up India campaign.
  • The startup will adopt self-satisfaction that will applying to laws including payment of gratitude labor contract, PF’s etc.
  • An online portal will be launched to help entrepreneurs to easily register.
  • An online hub will help the entrepreneurs to exchange their knowledge and financial Aid.Indian government has also conceptualize a nation credit guarantee trust company (NCGTC) with a budget of Rs. 500 core per year for the coming years to support the flows of funds to start up.
  • The startup would not pay income tax for three years. This policy would revolutionize start up would grow in the future.
  • To motivate entrepreneurship. In the field of Biotechnology, the government will further establish five new biotech cluster, 50 new bio incubators, 150-technology transfer office and 20 Biotech connect office in the country.
  • In case of failure of start up the government will also assist the entrepreneurs to find suitable solutions for their problems.

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