Startup Overview


Startups, this is a word that we all have heard now. Its everywhere, you move your eyes and then you’ll find it.

So what is the origin of startups like how does it start, whats the story behind the idea and how did it turn into such a big empire.

Well there are innumerable ways to come up with a startup but the most common ones follow some steps which are mentioned here for you and your inner entrepreneur so that you can feed them the positive energy of this dynamic domain.

Connection, most of the people which are determined to build something for the society or are talented share their ideas or prototypes with each other and then figure out their cofounders, friends and mentors based on this connection. Most of the times it is seen that the investor is also brought in as a result of this exchange of ideas.

Discovery, it is anonymously said that “Do what you can with what you have”. A startup is a pretty good fit for this, the resources are not very far reached and exquisite. They build their first prototypes or lay down the foundation of their dreams with the resources and tools available to them at the moment.

Learning/Trying, A lot of people are just stuck with their great ideas because they don’t try it, they are afraid of the possibilties and predict the failure. Not looking over the upside of the success, if it goes the correct way only once then they’ll be no problem for them whatsoever but they are clinged to what could go wrong. Most of the startups are advised to try and get out their prototypes because without trying one can never know how good is the service which they are offering.

Some other things which need to be kept in mind while you are building your startup is,

Networking, Get to know other people, like minded and also the skeptical ones. They can give you amazing insights on your ideas.

Pitch, Practice your startup pitch so much that you can present it to anyone at any moment.

Teaming, while you network search for those who can brainstorm with you to make sure that you come up with a frenzy. One of the most important things about any startup is the team, the team which builds the idea and is working on it. The people on the team tell a lot about the startup, if I were an investor I could look at any startup’s future by knowing the members.

To put it in a nutshell,

Grab the best team, find your idea, improvise and implement.


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