Story of a rape victim

The chills of that awful night,
Are yet so strong.
Thought of walking home alone,
Oh ! I was so wrong.

I heard some footsteps following me,
But I chose to ignore.
May be i was just hallucinating,
May be that was just the waves crashing ashore.

But then my heart skipped a beat,
When I felt a touch on my shoulder .
I turned aback to see a man,
Who was much older.

I still remember that face,
It haunts me till today.
The monstrous eyes that stared at me,
Like an animal looking at it prey.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me,
To a building that was vacant .
I tried to resist him,
But he went ahead to touch my cunt.

He tore off my clothes,
Like an animal tearing the skin of its prey.
And raped me that night,
What felt like the death of my pride.

Away he went ,
After his deed was done.
Leaving my naked body ,
like a garbage that meant none.

He took away my future,
My aspirations,my hopes,
He killed my dreams ,
my happiness ,My soul.

And now I feel disgusted,
To even look in the mirror.
Coz the scars on my body remind me,
That night and it’s terror .

I feel like shedding off my skin,
To remove every part touched by him.
My soul is now broken forever,
I now live like a lifeless coward.

And with each passing day,
I wish to die .
To be free from this life,
That is nothing but just a lie.


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