Story of every teenager


Aspirations ,Desires,Love,and future goals

Like any other teenager we all face a similar situation in life but react differently at different situations.At a certain age ,we feel the need for a girlfriend or boyfriend . This not the case with everyone but with most of the teenagers .Is relationship necessary or not ? your parents will say ,no ,obviously but what about your friends ,who keep you in high esteem if you have a girlfriend  ,or will think as if you are special in among them if they all are single .Having a girlfriend or boyfriend in teenage could be a big achievement for some. But ,What these relationships give ?,in the beginning these relationships will give you very exciting and amazing experience and you will promise his/her to love forever  . After some time the problems arises you both decides to break up . Now, what’s next ? you cry ,at that time there is someone who thinks of himself as a master of these situations and gives you advices , after you may fell in love with that person too ,or that person may feel for you first. This is  the common situation ,always remember “I love you beacause I need you ” this is not love , this is just the need ,incase  she needs a boyfriend and incase you needs a girlfriend and you felt for each other and you thought that it’s love.”I need you because I love you” could be the actual love you were looking for as you need someone because you love her not because you need someone only because you needed someone at that time because of your teenage hormones . Remember “only change is permanent ,your thoughts , dreams,desires, opinions, aspirations ,your goals and even your relationships “  things changes with time ,so you to learn to go with the flow.You may feel the love when someone is fulfilling your emotional needs at the time when required ,but this kind of lover will get replaced with someone ,who will do the same .Be happy ,and never restrict yourself from falling in love ,you may fail but you fill learn a lot ,if you will see the other side of the coin.


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