Taking up a theoretical course in college

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After years of life in school, college is that time of your life where you can actually choose to study the subjects you like and get rid of the subjects you hate once and for all. For me it was Math, Math has always given me a hard time because of the complex calculations. Even though the rules are simple I would usually end up with the incorrect solutions. Selecting a degree course is for sure a difficult decision because choosing the right subjects is never easy. My criteria was simple, take up theoretical subjects so that I never end up with Math ever again or like any another practical subjects. But at some point in my life I realised how foolish I was to think in such a way. You see, there are numerous courses in college like Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, English Honours and the list goes on and on. But from my mistakes I have realised that taking practical subjects is actually more helpful because  the present and the future environment will make us face practical situations where we have to take quantitative decisions as well. Competition is high end today. Theoretical subjects are meant for grasping and learning but unless you are choosing a college where they will actually make you apply the theory into practicality only then is it a wise decision to take up a theoratical course. I am pursuing Bachelor’s in Business Administration and the amount of theory I come across is huge but the practical application is so less. I think it’s because of the wrong choice of college. But I feel like there has been zero personality growth. If I would have been in some course like Journalism I would have learned things, my personality would have improved, and I would have been better than I am right now. The scenario would have been very different for me. Of course this point is important because everybody wants to grow in life and learn new things and not just new principles and methods in a theory book which you will never get to practically apply. My suggestion for all you readers who have just passed out of grade twelve, confused about what subjects to take because you are going to invest three years of precious life and energy is to take up subjects that will improve you as a person and you are able to stand in a place better than you are in right now. Take a course that will make you grow, in which you can participate as far as possible and make sure you choose the right college because it’s not something you get to do again. You live only once and even if two roads diverge in a wood don’t choose the less travelled by because it can make all the difference. And believe me I know how it feels. 


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