Technology and the Einstein’s Generation of Fools.

The Generation

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots,” said Albert Einstein. I can connect to the first line no less than modern day memes on any social media platform. The irony is at its peak when in the world of today, the means of human interaction viz. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have actually hindered the human interaction. Gone are the days when the brains of tots were nourished with the values in form of stories told to them by their grandparents. The technology has replaced it with “Kid shows subscription”. Gone are the days when friends used to vent their emotions in front of each other. The technology has replaced it with thousand plus friends on facebook and sleepless nights spent in the dilemma of having none to share the things with. Gone are the days when the teachers not only taught the lessons of books but also the lessons of life.  The technology has replaced it with E-learning. Irony has it that you have to prove to a machine that you are not a machine. But, the fact cannot be ignored in itself that it is the technology which has provided us with the amenity to stay in touch with our former classmates, teachers, colleagues et cetera. It is the technology which has enabled us not to lose connections even when your dear ones are overseas.

Not only the social lives of human, it has changed a lot about almost everything.  Technology has made the life cheaper and the living much costlier. The weapons that are a result of technology have involved the supreme powers of the world into a mad race of obtaining better weapons. Food, water, and shelter for all are not the major concerns but the supreme war technology is.  Many countries can be seen or their heads can be heard boasting of how badly they want peace in the world and at the same time, their scientists are busy making the deadliest weapon ever. The worst destruction that ever came across the humanity in form of Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings is no more than technological advancements changing the lives of humans. However, the medical technology is growing day by day and hence the humanity is being served by technology. It is continuously changing the lives of people who are destined to pain by birth but are cured with technology. It is the technology which has lowered the death rates, cures the unbearable pain and fills the space with relief.

The times have come when no longer a person can fool you and all thanks to internet, and smartphones. Every word that we come across for the first time is certain to be put in the search bar of our search engines. The children in remote areas are no longer untouched with the source of knowledge and all thanks to the networks. However, the fact cannot be ignored that these are the same internet, smartphones, networks which keep the children away from not only the books but also from the ball. No work and no play are sure to make Jack a dull boy. Irony has it again that people get to gyms in car to cycle. The technology has made us lazy and obese.

 The technology has also made the immense contribution to pollution. The level of harmful gases is being raised which has resulted in global warming and hence, many adversities.

However, some of the products of technology have really made it to the services and benefits caused to our everyday lives. Washing machines have reduced the Sunday chores and have also saved the money spent on laundry. Refrigerators, air conditioners, geysers and room heaters have been proved as a lifesaver in the respective extreme temperatures across the equatorial and polar countries. Television, often accused of the reduced eyesight of children, has emerged as an absolute source of information. The aloof areas, where even the television has not been able to reach, Radio not only works as the favorite pastime of the residents but also acts as a solo connection between them and the rest of the world to get them informed about any phenomena which have happened or is likely to happen. Weather forecasting helps us to plan our holidays, outings and a lot many things in a rather specified way. Electric bulb, one of the most important innovations in human history is a product of technology and is used in so many ways as in vehicles et cetera. It has one of the oldest effects on our lives and now on plants’ life as well resulting in the ‘light pollution’.

Just like any other thing, the effects of technology can also have two broad classifications- good and bad. It highly depends on the way we use it. Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity. All of its effects have made us so much accustomed to them that we are unable to imagine our life without technology.


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