It’s been thousands of years since the ancient man existed. With everything around him seeming peculiar and unresolved, he started using those unknown materials for his survival. With a simple structure of wood, he used to hunt food to feed up himself. The fragments of leaves were used to cover himself up in order to keep himself protected from the scathing weather. Slowly he discovered the phenomenon of igniting fire by rubbing pieces of stones against each other. This fire enabled him to have well-cooked food and shield himself from the severely cold winter. With the time passing by the ancient man unraveled various techniques for improving his rate of survival and this led to the process of technology.

We can see an enormous amount of difference in the field of technology from those days to the present. With the time advancing, man and technology both have evolved and is still in progress of attaining more advancement. In this modern era, technology revolves around us. It has become an essential need in order to sustain on this planet. Each second, technology is developing at a faster rate, surpassing its own profitable results. The whole view of the world has been conceptualized into a single term- Technology.

Earlier, there was much more manual work. For instance, people used to calculate manually their earning, profit and losses etc. Now with the rapid growth in the field of science, this manual work has been replaced with technological gifts like computers and calculators making our work easier and faster. There were no ways to communicate back earlier neither there was the mode of transportation for traveling a certain amount of distance. If you see now, communication has become digitalized starting from basic telephones to smartphones and then to online mode. Transportation has attained new levels from walking barefoot and on bullock carts to luxurious cars and fast bullet trains. The major reason behind all this is the magic of technology.

Despite all the pros technology has to offer there resides its side effects too. The misuse of technology is becoming a great threat to the society. The production of ammunition is impeding peace in many countries. The dependency of people on machines is leading to a declination of manual work thereby disabling the less empowered and poverty-ridden people of employment. Even being well equipped with the current technologies it is becoming obsolete with time and filling up the land with unused gadgets thereby hampering the environment. The generation of today have become sloth bears and have forgotten the true meaning of hard work and dedication.

There is still a question mark against the word technology, whether it is a boon or bane? But it all comes down to how well it is being used and how the way it is misused. It all resides in the man who invented it, who is advancing it. It depends on him whether he is enabling technology as a source for a bright and progressive future or for the destruction of it. As rightly said by Arthur C. Clarke “ Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” this magic has its charm spread all over the world and will last till time immemorial.


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