Teen Complexes

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Well, teenagers are the most misunderstood people on earth. They are treated like children but expected to act like adults.

That’s what teen life is all about. Be it their body consciousness or the peer pressure, be it a family get together or a beach party with friends, their life is totally complicated. Also to add up with these social tit bits, there lies study burden on their head. Never do these poor kids get even a one day break from all this drama. And every teen today feels their life could be turned up into a movie. Ah, I should say this maybe the thought of every teen girl, who would convince whoever and even herself that she is perfectly fit for the lead actress role.

Healthy people don’t even get a peaceful mind even if they are not so peculiar about their body as these teens never fail to drag all those positive mindstorms down into the pitfall. Although social media is to be highly blamed. Not only does it make a person anything but social, it also affects the mental conditions of deprived teens today. Posting wierd pictures of each other, commenting and pulling each other’s leg in front of the whole virtual world sounds humiliating for teens with weaker heart. Their inner selves start building up a fence restraining other people to enter.

Friendship, jealousy, relationship are all part and parcel of a teen life. You may or may not ever have or had any boyfriend/girlfriend, yet there is no one who doesn’t have atleast one portion of a hurtful past. But anyway, it’s just not about the bad experiences they get from every trouble they fall into, but with each complextions they try and learn of their mistakes and who knows at some point of their life these silly issues of teen life help them in their growing life ahead. Yes, it has good sides too. But just not for their parents! Every teen at home is a lazy bum doing everything except studying and obeying his parents. That’s exactly what parents think about the perks of being entering to the teenage phase. Some parents try and advise their teens regarding the complications, but nevertheless there are introvert parents too, not even trying to enter into a friendzone of their children.

Every teen today is perfectly fine till their school. Life was simple, friends were there, school and studies and home alone stories. These were the only things they could ever worry about. But as soon as they enter college life, they realize it was so much better at school. Passing out school and graduating; in between it’s a mess. Dealing with making friends all coming from a different background, some may prove true and just like you, whereas some may wanna change you, someone is jealous of you, someone loves you, someone will always pull you down when you try to grow and some may enhance your character well. It’s these errors people make in choosing their friends and repent about it later; when experiences are learned and the friendship is all gone. Some relations turning more than friendship may allow you to glow whereas some may leave you into the niché.

“How well will she relate to our local vendors!” – words of an overly rich, the barbie-faced model who would ‘complement’ a simple girl coming from a small town. Not everyone is blessed as you dear!
Just small comments like this can make a huge difference in someone’s self confidence. Neither everyone is the same nor anyone can stay calm by such harsh words. This is what happens with every teen every single day. In some way or the other they get offended and the people who do this don’t even realize when that fun goes over the limit. That is when the hurt, betrayal, jealousy takes place; breaking each ounce of someone’s soul gradually.

Every teen is learning, this is the process. Heartbreaks, broken friendships, ego wars, mistaken relations, bitching, broken trust, messed up studies, failure; every mood swing comes along when you enter this phase. And this is what makes you strong. So strong that these errors become a foundation to your bright future.

Yes, the life of a teen is not at all easy. Yes, it has complications, misunderstanding and depressing situations. Yes, not everyone is the same. Not everyone acts the same way. But that’s what they all realize as they pass it out. And that proves to be their experiences in dealing with the future. Support them. Accept them. After all a person who has dealt with every possible difficult conditions emerges as the most strongest one in the future.
Love Teen Life !!


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