A person that lies within a range of 13-18 years of age are generally known as teenager, also termed as the age of puberty. At this time not only physically but even mentally, there are a lot of changes that a boy and girl have to face. It’s the time where a boy and a girl needs the support of their parents as different hormonal changes occurs in their body. All because of this phase of life, a boy turns to a men and girl gradually turns to a lady. Maturity comes into him/her that helps them to understand things occurring around them. Everything comes with a pros and cons and puberty is not a different one. Even social media effects their life as they don’t have much knowledge about the good and bad things of the outer world. If proper care is not taken, then things like cigarattes, drugs will easily attack them. So,it’s their parents that help them to take a good decision that helps them to make their life a successful one.


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