The Best Smile of My Life I saw the best smile of my life.Today, while I was walking back to my bus stop at High Court Junction, after receiving my 1st salary, I saw two grandpa’s sleeping  at the roadside.I had been seeing them for the past 15 days, at first I thought of them as drunkards, one of them was nude,actually half nude, with his lungi somewhere nearby. On our first meeting, I was quite embarrassed and I thought of them as men of questionable morale,I thought of them as such shameless creatures.On the next day, as usual, they had been sleeping amidst the garbage but to my surprise, the one who lied naked the day before, wore a pair of pants today. I understood that someone had clothed them.I realized that he didn’t actually have another piece of cloth to use as a blanket and so  he used to cover himself up with his only lungi which might unfortunately moved away by morning, which had accidently made think of them in the bad light.. So today some kind heart would have understood this and gave him a pair of pants.I always kept an eye on them on my way back to the bus stop..I felt like giving them..something..but I couldn’t ..because they were sleeping all day..atleast that’s what I thought.But on my last day of internship as I was walking past them,something urged me to stop by and give them something..but I just couldn’t the first place they were sleeping and secondly they were sleeping amidst the garbage.So as usual,I walked past them,I reached my bus stop..I decided that I would by some food for both of them on a future date with my salary..but my conscience was not sufficed with that for not stopping beside them.So I asked my fellow intern to wait and I bought a packet of Biriyani with my first salary  and went back to them…I thought that they were in deep sleep and I would leave the food beside them.But the moment I touched one of their hands(with the packet) he smiled at me..and even the other grandpa gave me a sweet smile..but the first grandpa to whom I gave the food packet kept on smiling..and that was an unforgettable smile and the best smile that I had seen in my entire life..and I saw god in him..


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