The Fading Horizon


With the setting of the sun,
Your eyes glitters
when I take a glance.
Is it tears?
Or the happiness from the freedom of pain that you bear?
I don’t know.
But the silence between us
is like the scattering of colours in the sky, creating a fuss.
The birds are returning to their homes
and everything is settling down
as the veil of darkness is
slowly wrapping the town.

The aura it creates seems like a bliss,
where we suppose to hold hands and kiss.
But something is missing here.
Your presence is creating a void
as we embrace the nature
instead of each other.
You are slowly fading away,
standing right beside me
like the horizon, now,
which I cannot see.

It’s Time,
Time to make a silent promise,
promise of never looking back.
It’s Time we cherish this beautiful ending,
by remembering
the Time we held hands and created a new beginning.


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