The love for food is what remains the Indian Saga of Love and Laughter essentially and the sumptuous bond of all that nurtures and carves our experiences in the desolate island of Life. Although this reciprocatory love is option for some people it becomes the epicentre of existence for the foodies like us. The emblem of the happy lives that we live, reside in those sweet memories that we curate over our scrumptious meals. One such food corner where the evening spent with your most cherished set of friends can transport you to sublime frenzy is Kumar Samosa Wala. This hidden gem is situated near Milan Cinemas in Karampura. Although India does not hold credit for the origin of this beloved snack, this middle-eastern delicacy can be seen to be enjoyed in every household with the same amount of love and pleasure.

Kumar Samosa Wala boasts of over twenty five varieties of samosas ranging from the very contemporary and unique Pizza Samosa to the traditional yet tempting Gujiya Samosa. The most abhorrent aspect of  bulky price tags is curtailed as the food joint is ideal for spending a tiny amount and yet enjoying the luxury of an amazing evening snack. The price of the Samosas range from twenty to around forty rupees and a stomach full of meal can be grabed easily under a mere amount of hundred rupees. The conventional idea of having samosas filled with mashed potatoes is challenged by the outlet as we stand in testament to the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The samosas available at the place not only cater to the foodies out there who likes to savour their food but also to people who like experimenting with their palette. Well the most highly recommendable piece of art I would request you to try out is the Malai Paneer Samosa which is an example of the perfect blend of cottage and cream cheese with some cumin powder added to transpose you to the realm of exquisite delight. While at Kumar Samosa Wala you are also advised to check out there Gujiya Samosa if you have a sweet tooth and Pizza Samosa if your meal feels incomplete without some Italian fervour just like mine. A small corner kitchen in the inner recesses of Karampura, the shop attracts all the food enthusiasts who have to prove their love for food in the most street smart ways for food in India is a experience to be discovered by savouring the local flavours of the global cuisines that mark their own niche in the twisted streets of tattered places that make the food-tales fabulous. Do check out and create your own Samosa encounter at this Samosa Parole.



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